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    Delicious Egg-Free Chocolate-Pecan Cake

    Souvent, lorsque je suis au chalet et que le beau temps n’est pas exactement au rendez-vous, j’aime bien en profiter pour me mettre la main à la pâte et tenter de…

  • Travel

    Fun Times at Jacques-Cartier National Park

    With the current situation caused by the pandemic, travellers are being forced to revise their original tourism plans to focus on more regional getaways. Already having several...

  • Recipes

    Best Flourless Caramel and Banana Bread

    Cela faisait un bon moment que je n’avais pas publié de recette sur cette plateforme dont le but premier est pourtant de vous offrir un brin d’inspiration en cuisine. Alors, voilà,…

  • Quarantine

    Meditation in Quarantine

    In this period of uncertainty where everyone's concerns are numerous, it can be quite normal to feel certain anxieties which, when being confined, are even more difficult to manage...

  • Travel

    Malta: Beautiful and Underrated

    Especially at this time when the world is confined to every corner of the globe and travel is out of plans for several months, I find myself very...

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    Best Vegan Chocolate Cake

    As a true chocolate lover, I've always had a weakness for chocolate cakes. However, I always found it difficult to make them without eggs or dairies. During quarantine, I started to...

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    A Festival Abroad: a Must-see!

    I personally don't have a lot of experience with music festivals but I had the opportunity last summer to take part in a festival during my...

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